Dice Does it Again! and again, again… #4 for De Dice!

King DiceDennison “Dice” Joseph is the 2008 Calypso Monarch and Carnival King of Dominica!

After finishing fourth in last year’s competition, Dice was back in full strength last night and bang on form. His stunning performances at the Calypso Monarch Competition (held in the stadium) proved that he is still at the top of his game. His songs “Roll de Dice and See” and “On My Own” were clearly crowd favourites, but he also satisfied the Judges’ criteria: Lyrics, Melody, Rendition and Presentation.

Scrunter and Daddy Chess gave Dice a good chase, but despite the overwhelming popularity of Daddy Chess’s “Forward We Go” and the unveiling of his previously un-released second song “Amazing Grace,” he did not manage to out-perform De Dice.

In addition to the ten Calypsonians performing their songs, there were also award presentations made by the Diaspora of South Florida to recognise those who have contributed to the artform of Calypso over many years. Norman Letang, Ossie Lewis and Patrick Pemberton all received plaques to honour their efforts.


~ by visitdominica on February 3, 2008.

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