Dominica Footballers Do Us Proud!

Dominicans came out by the thousands last night to cheer on their National Football Team in the first FIFA World Cup Qualifying Match held in the new Windsor Park Stadium.



The steady drizzle of rain throughout the evening did not put a damper on anyone’s spirits. The fans were as ready for this match as the Football team. The first half was marked by a quick pace and exciting play. The crowd roared to their feet as one when Dominica Striker Richard Pacquette scored the first goal at just 20 minutes in. But Barbados was able to equalise just before halftime.


The second half brought more severe rain, but the team did not give up. The pace slowed down and as the ball slogged across the wet pitch, neither team could manage the winning goal.

Spectacular saves by Dominica’s Goalie Glenson Prince were the highlight of the match for this football fan – and gets him my vote for Man of the Match!

Dominica will play Barbados in a return match to be held in Barbados on March 26th. See you there!


~ by visitdominica on February 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “Dominica Footballers Do Us Proud!”

  1. Do you have a photo of the Dominica team that you could post or email me please?

  2. […] Read more about the First Qualifying Match here. […]

  3. Well Done lads. we did very well to have got so far. Better luck next time.

    Dominican, please remember that we are going forward, as our song
    says. – ”Forward we go”

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