Earl Etienne’s Art Graces Cover of In-Flight Magazine

Dominica-born artist Earl Etienne has been delighting us with his paintings for decades. His bright splashes of colour and endless creativity in composing his artwork have made him a popular artist not just at home, but around the world as well.

The Fisherman's Shack by Earl D. Etienne

The Fisherman's Shack

Now he is taking his art to a new audience – passengers on American Eagle Airlines. His painting entitled “The Fisherman’s Shack” is on the cover of American Eagle’s in-flight magazine “Latitudes” (May/June 2008 Issue).

  • Mr. Etienne’s artwork will soon be available online. Watch our blog for details!

~ by visitdominica on September 22, 2008.

5 Responses to “Earl Etienne’s Art Graces Cover of In-Flight Magazine”

  1. I’ve been waiting and waiting for a proper website featuring some of Mr. Etienne’s pieces. I visited his showroom in Dominica about 4 years ago and have regretted not purchasing a piece for myself ever since.

  2. I met Etienne when I was in the Peace Corps in 2001 in Domica. He gave me three of this incredible creations for very little money. I treasure these painting every day. Please tell me how I can get into contact with him. I want more of his incredible art. Jeanette Verheul, Peace Corps worker 2000.

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