Listen to Michele Henderson’s New CD “Sa Kai”!

For all you Michele Henderson fans out there, good news!

Michele has just released her latest CD entitled “Sa Kai.” It is a wonderful mix of creole, RnB, Pop, and smooth jazz — all with her signature vocals. It also includes Dominica’s Official Reunion 2008 song, “Celebrating the Journey Together.”

Here’s a sample of the first track “Pou Tout Ma Vie” – more clips coming in future posts.

To purchase “Sa Kai” CD online…


~ by visitdominica on November 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Listen to Michele Henderson’s New CD “Sa Kai”!”

  1. Hello, michele mum was in london in october and stayed with your grandad for the odd weekend hope the album sells well over here,i will be buying it, auntie debbie pacquette.

  2. I have just purchased a copy of this excellent album. I really love this track. I keep playing it over & over again & I’m still loving it. Well done Michele, wish you all the success with the new album.

    Peace & Love…

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