River Rush and Cool Jazz – Only in Dominica

Where else in the world can you sit on a rocky island between two rushing rivers and enjoy a brunch of eggs benedict or saltfish & fig while being serenaded with the sounds of cool jazz wafting through the ferns…

After brunch it’s down to the river for a refreshing dip or a short hike up to a jumping pool. Then back to the restaurant for a soak in the hot jacuzzi while sipping a ‘Momosa’ – Mo’s special version of champagne and orange juice.

Only in Dominica – and only at River Rush for Sunday brunch!


~ by visitdominica on October 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “River Rush and Cool Jazz – Only in Dominica”

  1. thats rally cool

  2. Hi Mo,

    Lann and I are just sitting here, like a couple of old farts, looking at your photos on this the final night of the Vancouver Olympics. Remember Vancouver? We want to hear your band, soon, send money! Do you need a couple of “pool boys”?
    Waldorf and Statler

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