OneCaribbean Weather’s Joey & his Parrot Come to Dominica

Yes, you heard right. Joey Stevens, the famous ‘man with the parrot’ on See TV’s One Caribbean Weather is here in Dominica.

He’ll be joining us for Carnival celebrations next week. So keep a sharp eye out… who knows where he and his parrot may turn up!


~ by visitdominica on February 11, 2010.

One Response to “OneCaribbean Weather’s Joey & his Parrot Come to Dominica”

  1. Hello Joey,
    I watched a clip from Carriacou some weeks ago that showed a cannon mounted on a concrete pedastal on a hill above the graveyard.
    I worked on carriacou and petite martinique buiding and restoring the roads,on a make work type project for the then priminister Blaze from Grenada.
    At the time of Mr Blazes death,I was asked to construct a road and dig a hole for the tomb and pour a concrete box c/w lids.It was quite an episode.However when preparing the road,I found a buried British cannon,very heavy and in good condition.After the funeral,I took it upon myself to mount the cannon over the grave.I later was almost expelled from the country for doing this,so I am more than happy to see that it is still in place.
    Thanks Phil Robinson 925 7575

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