Focus on Community Tourism ~ Portsmouth

This is the sixth installment in our Community Tourism series.

Part 6: Portsmouth

Portsmouth is known as Dominica’s “Second Town” and is located on the northwest coast of the island. Much of Dominica’s history can be traced through developments in Portsmouth. From settlements and paths used by the island’s original inhabitants (the Kalinago), through colonisation by both the French and English at the historic Fort Shirley in  the Cabrits, to present day tourist attractions like the Indian River — Portsmouth is a microcosm of Dominica’s development.

The area is rich in heritage and natural beauty:

  • Walk the ground of Fort Shirley at Cabrits to learn about Dominica’s history.
  • Take a relaxing boat trip up the Indian River, experiencing Dominica’s nature up-close.
  • Stretch out on Purple Turtle beach, take a swim and have lunch.

Spend the night in one of Portsmouth’s  hotels, guest houses, or cottages. Enjoy the local cuisine – there are many restaurants in the area!

Portsmouth Community Tourism Association has recently been formed to promote tourism in and around the community. Visit their website for more information about accommodation, restaurants, service, tours and attractions.

At the Cabrits

Restoration work continues at Fort Shirley, Cabrits where Dr. Lennox Honychurch is currently supervising the restoration of the Cabrits Garrison. The building with the scaffolding (below) is the future home of a hostel for heritage and ecology camps.

Cabrits Garrison Restoration

Cabrits Garrison Restoration * Photo courtesy of Lennox Honychurch

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2 Responses to “Focus on Community Tourism ~ Portsmouth”

  1. Thank you for posting these updates! I am going to be visiting Dominica in December and appreciate any information that I can get on the best ways to experience Dominica though community- and ecologically friendly tourism.

  2. This is a great project and I wish all the best to all who are involved in the Portsmouth Community Tourism project.

    Kevin Hunneybell
    Manicou River Resort

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