“Night of Traditions” at Pioneer Prep

Last Friday evening Pioneer Prep hosted its first Night of Traditions on the school grounds in Checkhall.

The night was a wondrous adventure for the children who were treated to the tradition of listening to Dominica’s very own folk stories.

Folk Stories by Delia Cuffy Weekes

Folk Stories by Delia Cuffy Weekes

Gathered around a blazing fire, students, friends and family listened intently as Delia Cuffy Weekes acted out a folk tale about a woman’s trip across the island, traveling on foot along the Chimen Letang trail from Grand Fond to Laudat, and then on to Roseau to buy shoes for her daughter. The children learned how people used to travel on foot to Roseau before the roads were built, as well as about the spirits who appeared along the way. The crowd particularly enjoyed the interactive story-telling: “Messier quick? Quack!”

Next, Tasha P. joined the fun and sang her Calypso song ‘Let the Children Be Children.”

As the full moon crested above the mountains illuminating the yard, Gregory Rabess delighted the children with creole riddles (timtim) and stories about Brother Rabbit (Compere Lapen) and Gwo Woch.

Gregory Rabess Telling Creole Riddles (timtim)

Gregory Rabess Telling Creole Riddles (timtim)

The children also had a chance to play old time ring games, forming two large circles and singing and dancing in the moonlight.

The final performance of the evening was from the Newtown Lapo Kabwit Band, who got everyone up and moving. So much so, that the jump-up carried on right out the gate and around the loop in Checkhall, for a pre-Carnival celebration!


~ by visitdominica on March 2, 2011.

3 Responses to ““Night of Traditions” at Pioneer Prep”

  1. i love this very much

  2. My mother lady Ann Sorhaindo use to story tell in Dominica, before i was born. i was told that she was one of Dominica best story tellers. i was also informed that she had won many awards for her story telling.“Messier quick? Quack!”

  3. “Messier quick? Quack!”

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