Where have all of Dominica’s ‘Mountain Chickens’ gone?

On the Nature Island, the ‘Mountain Chicken’ is a source of tremendous pride.

The Crapaud, as this big frog is called in Creole, has a place of honour on Dominica’s Coat-of-Arms and was considered the country’s national dish. Crapaud in Dominica But these days, it is extremely rare to see one, let alone hear their distinctive mating call. They’ve been almost completely wiped out by a devastating disease and they’re on the brink of becoming extinct.

But all is not lost.

A team of international organizations has been assisting Dominica’s Forestry and Wildlife Division with developing a program to help save this national symbol, so that they will thrive once again!


~ by visitdominica on July 1, 2011.

One Response to “Where have all of Dominica’s ‘Mountain Chickens’ gone?”

  1. Very sad to hear the Crapaud are being killed by a disease. I remember eating Mountain Chicken as a child in Dominica. I remember how my grandmother had a special place to keep them in the courtyard of Whinfield House, Roseau. She fed them zebgras (not sure of the spelling) for a few days before they were killed and cooked.

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