Green Oranges (A Six-Month Adventure to Dominica, Post 1)

I first came to Dominica 19 years ago to visit my parents, as a small and somewhat hyperactive child I know the beauty of the island didn’t ever cross my mind.

Now I embark on my 6 month vacation seeing the sights and living the relaxed Dominican lifestyle, I’d like to share some of it with you.

I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences!


My first day here my Dad took me to the market in town; I guess the rule of thumb that applies to most markets is to make sure you get there early to get your goodies. Everyone there greets you with a smile and a “Good Morning”, its lovely.

People here are so laid back and seem so care free, taking each day as it comes, seems to be a good way to live.

Just walking about taking in the atmosphere seeing the colours of the fruit and vegetables, trying my best to figure out what some of the fruits are… beats walking around a supermarket!
To me coconut water is usually in a carton, mixed with pineapple juice, sugar and who knows what; drinking it from the source was so surreal, far tastier than I could imagine too.

orangeclick here for more on Dominica’s tropical fruits

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~ by visitdominica on January 31, 2014.

One Response to “Green Oranges (A Six-Month Adventure to Dominica, Post 1)”

  1. Can’t wait ! I have been planning an extended stay trip for 3 yrs. Circumstances have pushed things back a bit , shooting for next winter .

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