The Pulse of Dominica (A Six-Month Adventure to Dominica, Post 10)

I’ve never woken up and gotten ready for a carnival procession to start at 4 am; low and behold I was up and awake at 3.30 am putting my leopard print make up on, ready to join in the fun of J’ouvert!Kimmie and Dice

When we reached Roseau, we followed the sound of the steel pan band and sure enough there were crowds of people in each road dancing and partying. It was a brilliant atmosphere for day-break, gently easing you into the vibes for what was to come a little later.

Being my first time attending Carnival in Dominica I had to get involved, so  I joined the WCK t-shirt band with some friends. We got to meet so many people in the parade, all of you there enjoying the amazing atmosphere for the day.

What a feeling as everyone in the ‘band’ moves back and forth to the music, then the chorus kicks in and ‘Jump Up’ really begins! You go into Carnival with a white t-shirt, but come home covered in everyone else’s glitter and paint – in my book that’s the sign of a fun carnival. I was pleased with myself as I made it home in good time too, as I needed to get some rest for round 2 on Tuesday.

Carnival Tuesday is the day where the beautiful costumes get shown off in all their glitz and glam. The craftsmanship that goes into these outfits is just amazing.

Real Mas

Town was alive again, pulsating with the sounds of Dominica; laughter, music, cheering and singing.

Nous Konnet Viv is the title of the Mas Domnik 2014 theme song, for those of you who aren’t sure what this means, it translates to We Know How To Live – I couldn’t agree more!


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