Where to Stay

When it comes to finding a place to stay that is ‘off the beaten path’ Dominica has many unique options.

The Nature Island specialises in small, privately owned guest houses that are sprinkled throughout the island. Each one is unique and reflects the personality and passion of its owner.

Love chocolate? Then you’ll want to stay at Cocoa Cottage and try some of Iris’s homemade Cocoa Jazz chocolate.

Garden Lover? Then try Papillote Wilderness Retreat where you can wander through lush tropical gardens, soak in hot pools, and splash in your very own waterfall.

For those who prefer a larger resort-style hotel, go the eco-luxe route and stay in a cottage on stilts along Dominica’s beautiful, rugged southeast coast at Jungle Bay Resort and Spa.

Browse through different types of accommodation in Dominica:

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